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In Cedar City, we care about animals, we care about people, and we definitely care about our community. Cedar City Animal Adoption Shelter is a new shelter designed to answer the community's call to provide better behavioral and medical care for our many animals in need.

Our community is embarking on a $1.2 million dollar campaign to build a state-of-the-art animal adoption shelter. Cedar City is a growing city, with approximately 31,000 residents, and has maintained an animal shelter in a 1,100 square foot building that was originally built as a coal storage nearly 60 years ago. In the 1980s, it was transformed into the Cedar City Animal Shelter.

While the population of Cedar City has grown over the years -- the shelter has not. In 2016, Cedar City received over 1,044 animals. The truth is, our space is the most significant hurdle to our goal of fulfilling our mission:"to find homes for as many animals as possible."

We are in desperate need of a new building to continue providing quality services for our citizens, animals and community.

"Simply put, we have outgrown our shelter."
Chief Adams




1. Insufficient Room

We currently house our cats in a room that measures 143 sq. feet. In this room are four banks of six cages, which total 24 cages in a very small space. This is not ideal, as cats are prone to develop upper respiratory infections and can be highly contagious. We need additional space to adequately quarantine sick animals to prevent the spread of infection.

2. Storage

Currently, there exists no indoor storage for equipment. Out of necessity, the shelter staff has been innovative in making the best use of available space; however no future expansion is possible.

3. Hygiene

Along with more space for quarantine, our dog kennels need updating to improve hygienic conditions. Additionally, a cleaning station is needed to care for our animals. This is essential to increase adoptions and improve the overall health of the animals in the shelter.

Adoption is our goal

Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe haven for each animal that enters our shelter. A no-kill, home-like shelter designed to help promote adoption. We want to engage with the community by providing education and training so that Cedar City's citizens will understand what services and resources are available for their animals. We hope to become the model shelter in the Southwest Region.


Working with local architectural firm, and under the careful guidance of Shelter Planners of America, we've designed a new 6,500 square foot facility to be located just down the lane at 1305 West Kitty Hawk Dr.Cedar City, Utah 84721. This safe and innovative shelter will feature:

- A 380% percent increase in usable sq. ft.

- An inviting adoption lobby

- 30 New dog kennels
- State of the art drainage and ventilation
- Additional outdoor space for larger animals

- Extra space for K-9 police dog training

- New staff offices located nearer to animals

- Staff shower room

- Estimated cost $1.2 Million

AnimaL Adoption Shelter Team

Kennel Staff

Animal Control Officer 1



"Dogs are better than humans because they know but do not tell"
Emily Dickinson
“Hapiness is a warm puppy”
Charles M. Schulz
“Simply put, we have outgrown our shelter”
This project stands alone as the single most important project to assist with local animal welfare in our community. If you care about animals, if you care about our community, support this wonderful project.
R. Scott Phillips