Committee & partners
The Animal Shelter Committee and its partners are dedicated to improving Cedar City's Animal Adoption Shelter. Over the past few years, Cedar City’s elected officials and staff have studied new animal facilities in our neighboring communities. These new facilities have ventilation, heating, cooling, and plumbing systems specifically designed with the challenges of an animal shelter in mind. They are designed in one single building, with animal welfare and adoption as their foremost objectives. The public is provided space to give them opportunity to socialize with animals before they are taken home in an effort to make sure there is a good fit. Our current facility falls woefully short of the capabilities proposed in a new facility.
Mayor Wilson
Cedar City
Mike  Miller
Committee Chair
Darin Adams,
Cedar City Police Chief
Ree Zaphiropoulos
Community Volunteer
Chris McCormick
Chamber President
Glade Hamilton
Community Volunteer
R. Scott Phillips
Civic Leader
Mike S. Leavitt
Community Volunteer
Lt. Keith A Millett
Cedar City Police
Rich Wilson
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Cyndi Gilbert
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Kelly Esplin
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Dennis Schnar
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